Insolvency Restructuring Services


Vantage Appraisals has acted in many reorganizations to assist companies in effecting internal and external changes in order to compete in today’s marketplace. From lines of business to personnel, from sourcing financing to restructuring under a formal insolvency process, we have successfully participated in the redeployment and realignment of a Corporation’s resources.


Our professional team seeks to establish a creditor-interactive environment to optimize situations.

We are leaders in providing services for the best resolution for all stakeholders in a crisis situation. Our clients are assured that we can objectively provide these services and remain unencumbered by conflicts of interest and professional relationships which may be detrimental to performance and objectivity.

Vantage Appraisals can also act in situations where an engagement does not require a formal Appointment as a Monitor, Agent, Receiver or Trustee. Particularly, we provide independent direct assistance to companies requiring restructuring and reorganization or financial counseling.


Whenever possible Vantage Appraisals utilizes Proposals under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act as opposed to other formal insolvency measures to restructure viable businesses. Most often this results in greater realizations, lower professional costs and a continuation of all or a part of the business. Corporate Proposals, under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) and plans of Arrangements made under the Companies’ Creditor Arrangements Act (CCAA) allow for insolvent companies to restructure, reorganize, and to continue as viable entities.

Vantage Appraisals also has the resources to assist and operate a business; collect account receivables or provide asset disposal by private sale or public auction.

To learn more about how Vantage Appraisals can help, please contact us.

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